Peach Perfection


    Indulge in the sweet allure of our Peach Perfection dress, where delicate fabrics meet a luscious peach hue. Designed to flatter and enchant, this dress radiates warmth and elegance for...

    Vintage Vibes


    Vintage Vibes – where nostalgia meets contemporary flair in the epitome of timeless chic. Our dress pays homage to the elegance of bygone eras, reimagined for the modern muse. With its...

    Sakura Skyline


    Embrace the vastness of the desert with a touch of unexpected beauty in "Sakura Skyline." This fabric drapes like a cool desert sky, with embroidered front and neckline patch rendered...



    Unstitched package includesPrinted lawn shirt fabric (2 metre wider)Printed silk dupatta Embroidered necklineEmbroidered daman borderEmbroidered sleeves borderDyed cambric trousers fabric 

    Stella Polaris


    Introducing "Stella Polaris" a luminous tribute to the desert's radiant charm and the timeless allure of the northern star. In the vibrant hue of yellow-green, with it’s embroidered front and...

    Sunlit Serenity


    Embrace the desert's warmth and tranquility with "Sunlit Serenity." Front center embroidered panel basks in a radiant tangerine hue, reminiscent of the desert bathed in the golden glow of the...

    Symphony of Dawn


    Awaken your senses with the breathtaking beauty of "Symphony of Dawn”. This fabric cascades in a cool zinc shade, its front center panel embroidered reminiscent of the desert awakening to...

    Tale of Beauty


    Unfurl a story of unexpected grace with "Tale of Beauty”. Dressed in the delicate hue of mint green, this front Embroidered center panel fabric whispers stories of desert oasis and...

    Vibrance Reverie


    Embrace the desert's raw beauty with "Vibrance Reverie." This fabric ignites the senses in a rich rust hue, its front center panel embroidered reminiscent of wind-sculpted canyons bathed in the...

    Violet Persona


    Unveil your enigmatic side with "Violet Persona." With  Front Embroidered this fabric captures the essence of desert twilight, where the sky meets the sands in a graceful dance of hues....

    Blooming Beauty


    Immerse yourself in a garden of enchantment with Blooming Beauty, where every petal unfurls a tale of elegance and grace. Our dress is a tribute to nature's splendor, designed to...

    Classic Charm


    Step into timeless elegance with Classic Charm. Our dress blends vintage allure with modern flair, sculpting a silhouette that captivates. Crafted for versatility, it's your go-to for any occasion. Embrace...

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